Visual arts and culture

Book (photography)
Deep: People of mixed-race, Clement Cooper
1996, Ffotogallery: UK
>> Black and white photographs and a CD soundtrack generated by a three-year project undertaken by Cooper in working-class and multi-racial communities in Liverpool (Toxteth), Cardiff (Butetown), Bristol (St Pauls) and Manchester (Moss Side).
Shelf ref: AR.2/COO

Book (art)
Black Victorians: Black people in British art 1800-1900, Jan Marsh
2005, Lund Humphries: Manchester
>> Published in conjuncture with the exhibition of the same name at Manchester Art Gallery, which revealed the diversity of representations of Black people within nineteenth century British visual culture.
Shelf ref: MAN/HI.1.02/MAR

Contesting Art: Art, politics and identity in the modern world, Jeremy MacClancy (ed.)
1997, Berg: Oxford
>> Ethnographic studies exploring art as one of the major political weapons of our time. Includes the role of museums, the repatriation of cultural property, and the position of African artists in the international art market.
Shelf ref: AR.3/MAC

Exhibition catalogue
Mirage - Enigmas of Race, Difference and Desire, Institute of Contemporary Arts
1995: London
>> Publication of an interdisciplinary visual arts project exploring the legacy of Frantz Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks. Themes include illusion, otherness, identity and hybridity.
Shelf ref: CU.4.00/ICA

The Arts Britain Ignores: The arts of ethnic minorities in Britain, Naseem Khan
1976, Commission for Racial Equality: London
>> Investigation into the potential and actual contribution of seven different minority ethnic groups to British cultural life.
Shelf ref: AR.3/KHA

Stitched from the Soul: Slave quilts from the Antebellum South, Gladys-Marie Fry
2002, University of North Carolina Press
>> Originally published in 1989, this was the first book to examine the history and significance of quilting in the enslaved community, to celebrate the artistry of enslaved quilters and to place slave-made quilts into a wider cultural context.
Shelf ref: AR.3/FRY

Rethinking Social Realism: African American art and literature, 1930-1953, Stacy I Morgan
2004, University of Georgia Press
>> Explores how and why African American writers and artists sustained an engagement with the themes and aesthetics of social realism into the early cold war-era; far longer than the majority of their White counterparts.
Shelf ref: AR.1/MOR