Blaqsport: A celebration of Black sporting achievement
2000 - 2003
>> Five issues of this glossy UK-published magazine.
Shelf ref: Journals

Sporting Nationalisms: Identity, ethnicity, immigration and assimilation, Mike Cronin
1988, Frank Cass: London
>> Examines the ways sport shapes the experience of various immigrant and minority groups, primarily related to British, American and Australian sporting traditions.
Shelf ref: AR.7.01/CRO

Promoting Racial Equality through Sport – A standard for local authority sport and leisure services, Commission for Racial Equality
2001, London
>> CRE initiative challenging local councils to realise race equality in their sport and leisure services.
Shelf ref: AR/7/LGA

What’s My Name, Fool? Sports and resistance in the United States, Dave Zirin
2005, Haymarket Books: Chicago
>> An impassioned book by American sports writer Dave Zirin, demonstrates the long connection between the world of sport and the larger political, cultural and social matrix of the early twenty-first century.
Shelf ref: AR.7.01/ZIR

Sports UK: Article compilation
>> A bound compilation of articles and papers from various sources giving background information about racism in sport and methods to tackle the situation.
Shelf ref: AR.4.01/SPO

Never Counted Out: The story of Len Johnson, Manchester’s Black boxing hero and communist, Michael Herbert
1992, Dropped Aitches Press: Manchester
>> Len Johnson was who one of the finest middleweight boxers of his day, but was barred from fighting for British titles because he was Black. In the 1940s and 1950s he was an active member of the Communist Party in Manchester, fighting against racism and discrimination.
Shelf ref: MAN/HI.3/HE