Race theory

Race and the Third Reich, Christopher M Hutton
2005, Polity Press: Cambridge
>> Examines the Nazi’s concept of a superior Aryan race and the level to which this was accepted and contested both within Germany and the wider world.
Shelf ref: CU.2/HUT

Race Frameworks: A multidimensional theory of racism and education, Zeus Leonardo
2013, Teachers College Press: New York
>> A comprehensive introduction to the main frameworks for thinking about, conducting research on, and teaching about race and racism in education, including marxism, White studies and cultural studies.
Shelf ref: ED.8.02/LEO

Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon
2008, Pluto Press: London
>> Originally published in 1952 this seminal study of the Black psyche in a White world had a major influence on civil rights, anti-colonial, and Black consciousness movements around the world. The book remains a vital force today for activists and scholars of Black identity and critical race theory.
Shelf ref: CU.2/FAN

There ain’t no Black in the Union Jack: The cultural politics of race and nation, Paul Gilroy
2002, Routledge: London
>> Accusing British intellectuals and politicians on both sides of the political divide of refusing to take race seriously this book caused uproar when it was published in 1987, and remains a powerful and insightful indictment of contemporary attitudes towards race.
Shelf ref: CU.2/GIL

Returning the Gaze: Essays on racism, feminism and politics, Himami Bannerji
1993, Sister Vision Press: Canada
>> 13 essays by women of colour, all of which challenge mainstream feminist thought that tends to privilege middle class White experience and consider race as a fringe issue.
Shelf ref: GE.1/BAN

Race Question in Modern Science, UNESCO
1956, UNESCO: Paris
>> In the 1950s, 60s and 70s UNESCO published a number of statements attempting to clarify what was scientifically known about race and to condemn racism. This book is an attempt to collect together the ‘scientific facts’ from various prominent thinkers and scientists of the time.
Shelf ref: CU.2/UNE

White Racism: A psychohistory, Joel Kovel
1988, Free Association Books: London
>> A comprehensive psychoanalytic study revealing that racism is not the simple delusion of a bigoted minority, but a set of deep-seated beliefs arising out of the very fabric of assumptions we make about the world, ourselves and others.
Shelf ref: CU.2/KOV