Politics and activism

Uneasy Alliances: Race and party competition in America, Paul Frymer
1999, Princeton University Press
>> Provocative overview of the politics of race and sectional conflict that led to the development of the party system in the USA
Shelf ref: PO.3/FRY

Oral history
Interview with Councillor Afzal Khan: Part of the Exploring our Roots oral history project
>> Afzal Khan is a Labour Party politician and solicitor. In 2005 he became Manchester’s youngest, and first Asian, Lord Mayor.
Shelf ref: MAN/HI.3.AHM

Never Counted Out: The story of Len Johnson, Manchester’s Black boxing hero and communist, Michael Herbert
1992, Dropped Aitches Press: Manchester
>> Len Johnson was one of the finest middleweight boxers of his day, but was barred from fighting for British titles because he was Black. In the 1940s and 1950s he was an active member of the Communist Party in Manchester, fighting against racism and discrimination.
Shelf ref: MAN/HI.3/HER

Archive collection
Steve Cohen Anti-deportation Collection
1970 - 2000
>> A large and varied collection of memorabilia (including newsletters, photographs, newspaper cuttings, banners, posters, badges and t-shirts) from over 70 anti-deportation campaigns fought in Manchester during the 1970s, 80s and 90s.
Shelf ref: Archive

Archive collection
Tandana Archive (Asian Youth Movements)
1977 - 1990
>> Large archive of material relating to the organisation and activities of the Asian Youth Movements in Bradford and Sheffield, including constitutions, minutes, correspondences, procedures, newsletters and press releases. There is also a substantial amount of material relating to other campaigns that they supported.
Shelf ref: Archive

Spearhead: National Front News
1980 - 2000
>> The far right magazine edited by John Tyndall and associated with both the National Front and the British National Party. The magazine had limited circulation and is now difficult to find.
Shelf ref: Archive

1960 - present
>> Significant holdings of the British magazine, founded in 1975 by Gerry Gable, which publishes exposés about racism, anti-semitism and fascism in the UK and elsewhere. This is a subscriber magazine and copies can be difficult to find.
Shelf ref: Archive

Archive collection (newspapers)
Institute for Race Relations Newspaper Collection
1977 - 1984
>> A large collection of newspaper cuttings, magazine articles and notes on radio broadcasts, covering race relations stories from the regional press and media, covering most of the UK.
Shelf ref: Archive

Book (biography)
Revolutionary Suicide, Huey P. Newton
1974, Wildwood House: UK
>> Huey P. Newton was co-founder of the Black Panther party and his autobiography is unique and universal in its interpretation of the Black experience, revealing the philosophy behind revolutionary Black power.
Shelf ref: HI.3.02/NEW

Enoch Powell on Immigration: An analysis, Peter Fiddick
1969, Sphere Books: London
>> A analysis of Enoch Powell’s views of racialism from the time, through close analysis of four of his statements, looking at his use of statistics, anecdotes and language.
Shelf ref: IM.2/SMI

1951-55 Conservative Government and the Racialisation of Black Immigration, Bob Carter
1987, Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations: Coventry
Shelf ref: IM.2.03/CAR