Here I Stand, Paul Robeson
1958, Dobson Books
>> This copy of the only book by the influential singer and activist is significant as it has been signed by the author.
Shelf ref: Archive 250/3/12

Music of the First Nations: Tradition and innovation in Native North America, Tara Browner
2009, University of Illinois Press
>> An ethnomusicology of Inuit and Native North American musical expression, this publication covers both tribe-specific musical practices and pan-Indian topics such as pow-wows and country music.
Shelf ref: CU3.03/BRO

Just My Soul Responding: Rhythm and blues, Black consciousness and race relations, Brian Ward
1998, UCL Press Ltd: London
>> Examines the previously neglected relationship between Rhythm and Blues music and the struggle for Black freedom and equality in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
Shelf ref: AR.8.03/WAR

Burn, Baby! Burn: The autobiography of Magnificent Montague, Magnificent Montague
2003, University of Illinois Press
>> DJ Magnificent Montague was the voice of soul music in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles and the unofficial spokesman for Black listeners from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s.
Shelf ref: AR.8.00/MON

Black Mahler: The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor story, Charles Elford
2008, Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd: Surrey
>> The story of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), the English composer, son of a White mother and Black father, brought up in London.
Shelf ref: AR.8.03/ELF

Dis-Orientating Rhythms: The politics of the new Asian dance music, Sanjay Sharma, John Hutnyk and Ashwani Sharma (eds)
1996, Zed Books: London
>> Explores the UK based South Asian youth music scene, from Bhangra and Qawwali to Soul, Indie and Jungle, as a dynamic expression of the experience of diaspora, combined with a sharp and urgent political consciousness.
Shelf ref: AR.8.03/SHA