Oral history
Exploring our Roots: Oral history interviews, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust
2001 – 2004, Manchester
>> 74 life story interviews. This collection includes transcripts and video recordings with people of Sikh, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, West African and Caribbean heritage, all living in Manchester. There is also a large collection of donated photographs.
Shelf ref: Local history

Manchester’s Little Italy: Memories of the Italian colony of Ancoats, Anthony Rea
1988, Neil Richardson: Manchester
>> Locally produced booklet that tells the story of the ice cream industry in Manchester, the pioneers of which were the 2000 strong Italian immigrant community that flourished in Ancoats in the years before WWII.
Shelf ref: MAN/HI.3/REA

Minority Rights Group Reports
1980s - 2000s, Minority Rights Group
>> Large selection of reports into minority communities across the world, such as the Inuit of Canada, Muslim Women in India and the Maya of Guatemala.
Shelf ref: Journals

Imagine There’s No Countries: 1992 and international immigration controls against migrants, immigrants and refugees, Steve Cohen
1992, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit: Manchester
>> Locally published book that examines the adverse effects on migrants , immigrants & refugees of the immigration restrictions imposed throughout the European Community in 1992.
Shelf ref: IM.3/COH

Impact of Immigration: A documentary history of the effects and experiences of immigrants in Britain since 1945, Panikos Panayi
1999, Manchester University Press
>> Using a wide range of official and unofficial documents, testimonies and visual sources this book introduces immigrants, their impact, and reactions towards them in post-war Britain.
Shelf ref: HI.1.04/PAN

Filipino Americans, Barbara M. Posadas
1999, Greenwood Press: US
>> In the year 2000, Filipino Americans became the largest Asian American group. Published at this time, this book was the first detailed historical study of the major post-1965 immigration of Filipinos to the United States.
Shelf ref: CU.3.03/POS

Reluctant Refuge: The story of asylum in Britain, Edie Friedman
2008, British Library: London
>> Shows how current negative attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers reflect a tradition of ambivalence in British media and politics. Includes experiences of pre-Second World War refugees (Jewish, Ugandan Asians, Somalis, Roma, Chileans Hungarian, Poles and Afghans) as well as more recent groups.
Shelf ref: IM.2.01/FRI