Media and the press

Black Markets: Images of Black people in advertising and packaging in Britain (1880-1990), Cornerhouse
1990, Cornerhouse Publications: Manchester
>> Locally produced pamphlet that shows the long standing impact of colonialism, despite being toned down, is still evident in much contemporary advertising.
Shelf ref: Archive 250/3/7 Box 62

In Black and White: Racist reporting and how to fight it, Campaign Against Racism in the Media
1976, Campaign Against Racism in the Media: London
>> Campaign Against Racism in the Media was launched in July 1976. At this time Enoch Powell’s sensationalising of the immigration issue had been heavily promoted in the media, creating heightened racialist attitudes and what many percieved to be a general climate of hatred.
Shelf ref: AR.6/CAR

Roots of the Future: Ethnic diversity in the making of Britain poster campaign
1997, Campaign for Racial Equality
>> The CRE's Roots of the Future campaign was designed to highlight the contributions made by immigrants to British life and promote multiculturalism as a foundation of British culture. We have the posters and the publication, as well as the Saatchi and Saatchi creative proposals for the campaign (shelf ref: AR.6/SAA).
Shelf ref: Posters

CRE Research: National public opinion survey 1996, Commission for Racial Equality
1996, Commission for Racial Equality: London
>> A report that evaluates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns among different ethnic groups, including campaigns concerning crime, transport, film, health, equal opportunities and equality.
Shelf ref: FA.2.01/CRE

Archive collection (newspapers)
Institute for Race Relations Newspaper Collection
1977 - 1984
>> A large collection of newspaper cuttings, magazine articles and notes on radio broadcasts, covering race relations stories from the regional press and media, covering most of the UK.
Shelf ref: Archive

Publish and be Damned? Peter Evans
1976, Runnymede Trust: London
>> Intended as a contribution towards the analysis of media coverage of race relations in the first half of 1976, this pamphlet presents press representation of the subject, arguing that while no good journalist should escape responsibility for what they do, the press must remain free.
Shelf ref: AR.6/EVA