Interracial Encounters: Reciprocal representations in African American and Asian American literatures, 1896-1937, Julia H. Lee
2011, New York University Press
>> A nuanced study of the appearance of Black characters in Asian American literature and Asian characters in African American literature, in the early twentieth century.
Shelf ref: AR.2.01/LEE

The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin
Penguin Books: London
>> Originally published in 1963 these highly personal essays are a haunting and prophetic indictment of the oppression of man by man and race by race.
Shelf ref: AR.2/BAL

Book (fiction)
Gorilla, My Love, Toni Cade Bambara
1973, Pocket Books: New York
>> Short stories portraits of a wide range of compelling characters, from sassy children to cunning old men, from the flatlands of Mississippi to the streets of New York.
Shelf ref: AR.2.04/BAM

Book (fiction)
Midnight’s Children, Salman Rushdie
1981, Picador: London
>> Saleem Sinai is born at the midnight of India's independence and handcuffed to history by the coincidence. A family saga and masterpiece of magical realism and allegory set against the background of twentieth century India.
Shelf ref: AR.2.04/RUS

Hindoo Fairy Legends (Old Deccan Days)
, Mary Frere
1967, Dover Publications: New York
>> Twenty four Indian fairy tales, collected and retold by Mary Frere in the mid-nineteenth century, and published for British and American children as a change from Grimm and Western fairy tales.
Shelf ref: AR.2.02/FRE

Poems, Vivian Usherwood
1972: Centrepiece: London
>> Small, locally published collection of poems by the 12 year old Vivian Usherwood, who was born in Jamaica and lived in London.
Shelf ref: AR 2.06/USH

Back Home: An international story chain
2002, Wasafiri: UK
>> In 2002 eight writers from different ethnic backgrounds took part in a story chain on the theme of ‘back home’. The resulting story deals with landscape, language, culture, family and the nature of belonging.
Shelf ref: AR.2.05/WAS

Postwar British Literature and Postcolonial Studies, Graham MacPhee
2011, Edinburgh University Press
>> Reassesses postwar British literature in the light of colonial cultural legacies, including examinations of George Orwell, Graham Green, Andrea Levy, Ian McEwan and Sam Selvon.
Shelf ref: AR.2.01/MAC