History - Britain

Black settlers in Britain 1555-1958, Nigel File
1995, Heinemann: Oxford
>> Uses original sources including letters, legal documents, newspapers, paintings and photographs to chart the presence of Black people in British society across the ages.
Shelf ref: HI.1.05/FIL

Archive collection (newspapers)
Institute for Race Relations Newspaper Collection
1977 – 1984
>> A large collection of newspaper cuttings, magazine articles and notes on radio broadcasts, covering race relations stories from the regional press and media, covering most of the UK.
Shelf ref: Archive

Race Today
1969 – 1989
>> Race Today was a monthly (later bi-monthly) magazine established by the Institute of Race Relations and later published by the Race Today Collective. Taking a political rather than scholarly approach, it was a leading organ of Black politics in 1970s Britain.
Shelf ref: Journals

Liverpool and Slavery: An historical account of the Liverpool-African slave trade, was it the cause of the prosperity of the town? (reprint of the 1884 edition) Dicky Sam
1969, Frank Graham: Liverpool
>> A history of Liverpool's extensive involvement in the slave trade, first published in 1884 when many slave traders and slave ship captains would still have been alive, hence the author’s pseudonym (Dicky Sam being an old Lancashire name for a Liverpool man).
Shelf ref: HI.1.02/LIV

Book (photography)
Arrivants: A pictorial essay on Blacks in Britain, Race Today Collective
1987, Race Today Publications: London
>> Published by the Brixton-based Race Today Collective this collection of photographs documenting the arrival of Commonwealth immigrants in the UK in the 1950s is unusual and insightful.
Shelf ref: HI.1.04/RAC

Black Poppies: Britain’s Black community and the Great War, Stephen Bourne
2014, The History Press: UK
>> Documents the military and civilian wartime experiences of Black men and women, from the trenches to the music halls
Shelf ref: HI.1/BOU

Book (photography)
British Black Panthers and Black Power Movement: An oral history and photography project, Lizzy King
2013, Photofusion Education Trust: London
>> A beautifully produced, limited edition, full-colour book of photography and oral history interviews by Organised Youth, featuring figures from the British Black Power movement including Darcus Howe, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Danny Dacosta, Liz Obi, among many others.
Shelf ref: HI.1/ORG

The last of the Lascars: Yemeni Muslims in Britain, 1836-2012, Mohammed Siddique Seddon
2014, Kube Publishing Ltd: Leicestershire
>> This book charts the history of Britain's oldest Muslim community, originally arriving as sailors, then as migrant labour, Yemeni Muslims have lived in British ports and industrial cities from the times of empire to the modern multiculturalism.
Shelf ref: HI.1.04/SED

Such a Long Journey!: Chinese voices in Britain
1994, Ethnic Communities Oral History Project: London
>> The voices of Chinese people living in Britain, recalling journeys to Britain, struggles and succses in settling here and maintaining identity, culture and traditions.
Shelf ref: HI.1.04/ECO

Irish in Exile: Stories of emigration, Anne Lynch
1988, Community History Press: London
>> A small booklet that contains an eclectic collection of personal stories about emigrating from Ireland to England in the 1950s and 60s. Reveals the often complicated relationship between the Irish and the English.
Shelf ref: HI.1/LYN