History - America

Constructing Race, William and Mary Quarterly: A magazine of early American history and culture
Third Series, Vol 54, No. 1, January 1997
>> A range of articles on the construction of race and racism in early America, from eighth to eighteenth century.
Shelf ref: HI.3/MCG

Book (photography)
Bronzeville: Black Chicago in pictures, 1941-1943, Maren Strange
2003, New Press: New York
>> Photographs taken by the Federal government to record conditions in areas of migration. Covers the prosperous as well as the poverty-stricken, elegant as well as dilapidated buildings in Chicago’s South Side.
Shelf ref: HI.3.01/STA

Roots of American Racism: Essays on the Colonial experience, Alden T. Vaughan
1995, Oxford University Press: US
>> Focuses on the role played by cultural and racial perceptions in creating policies for Native Americans and African Americans, and includes an extensive discussion of the ‘origins debate’ (whether racism or slavery came first).
Shelf ref: HI.3.03/VAU

Earth Shall Weep: A history of Native America, James Wilson
1998, Picador: London
>> A history of Native Americans over five centuries, drawing on historical, ethnographic, archaeological and oral sources in an attempt to recover Native American experiences and present them to a non-Native American audience.
Shelf ref: HI.3.04/WIL

Black Cowboys of Texas, Sara R Massey
2000, Texas A&M University Press
>> A collection of twenty four essays, each on individual cowboys and reaching from the times of slavery to the recent past.
Shelf ref: Hi.3.01/MAS

Civil Rights: A compilation of articles and reports
>> A compilation of unusual articles, reports and papers compiled from our collection.
Shelf ref: HI.3.02/HIS

Becoming Chinese American: A history of communities and institutions, Him Mark Lai
2004, Altamira Press: USA
>> Account of Chinese people in America, documenting the racism and segregation they encountered and the eventual introduction of legislation providing equal rights and citizenship.
Shelf ref: HI.3.06/LAI

Book (biography)
Bandido: The death and resurrection of Oscar Zeta Acosta, Ilan Stavans
2003, Northwestern University Press: Illinois
>> Part biography, part mythology of the ‘Hispanic Malcolm X’; a leading figure in the Chicano Movement of the 1960s and early 1970s who mysteriously disappeared in 1974.
Shelf ref: HI.3.03/DAI

Before Jim Crow: The politics of race in postemancipation Virginia, Jane Dailey
2000, University of North Carolina Press
>> Focusing on Virginia’s Readjuster Party, this book looks at the struggle for interracial democracy that was taking place in the South long before what we now think of as the civil rights movement.
Shelf ref: HI.3.03/DAI