Black Angels from the Empire, Judith Garfield
2000, Eastside Community Heritage: London
>> Overseas nurses and doctors played an important role in filling the gaps in the newly-formed NHS. In 1949 labour shortages existed in all levels of the health service and substantial numbers of Caribbean-born men and women entered the NHS.
Shelf ref: HI.1.04/GAR

Reconstructing the Black Past: Blacks in Britain 1780-1830, Norma Myers
1986, Frank Cass: London
>> Presents evidence of the occupations of Black men and women in Britain between 1780 and 1830, drawing on data collected from parish registers, contemporary newspapers and journals, parliamentary papers and the records of merchants involved in the slave trade.
Shelf ref: HI.1/MYE

Ethnic Differences in the Labour Market – A life stage perspective, Angela Dale
2007, University of Manchester
>> Examines different levels of female economic activity in the UK, considering the impact of education and according to ethnicity. Women are divided into the ethnic groupings of White, Black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Chinese.
Shelf ref: FA.2.01/DAL

Oral history
Roots Oral History Project: A series of interview transcripts with members of Manchester’s African and Caribbean communities
>> This project, carried out in the 1980s, documented the experiences of people living in the Moss Side area of Manchester from the 1940s onwards. All of the interviews cover experiences of finding work and developing careers, from manufacturing and construction to health, the military and politics. These interviews cannot be found anywhere else.
Shelf ref: MAN/HI.3/NOB

Danger – Racialists at Work, A liberation pamphlet, Tony Gilbert
1974, Liberation: London
>> Includes a foreword by Jack Jones, General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union. It warns of the divisive dangers of racism and discrimination in the workplace, following the Immigration Act of 1971 and what it meant for employment of Black workers.
Shelf ref: EM.7.01/GIL

Grunwick: The worker’s story, Jack Dromey and Graham Taylor
1978,Lawrence and Wishart: London
>> The story of the 1976 – 1978 Grunwick Strike in which South Asian women fought for trade union representation in the work place. This book was published the year the strike ended (unsuccessfully), and was approved by the strike committee as a faithful reflection of their experience.
Shelf ref: EM.7.01/DRO

Report to the President, The President’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity
1963, Washington D.C.
>> Published at the time, this report presents the efforts of President Lyndon B. Johnsons committee on equal employment opportunity to address problems of race discrimination in employment practices in the US.
Shelf ref: EM.1.03/PRE