Black Women in the Ivory Tower, 1850-1954: an intellectual history, Stephanie Y. Evans
2007, University Press of Florida
>> A history of Black women’s struggle to access formal education in America.
Shelf ref: ED.1.02/BER

Outcast England: How schools exclude Black children, Jenny Bourne
1994, Institute of Race Relations: London
>> Exclusion is shown to be related to the then government's overall education reforms. Individual case studies illustrate exclusion, as it may reflect cultural and racial bias.
Shelf ref: ED.10.01/BOU

Teaching pack
Empire Needs Men: The contribution made in the First World War by Africans, Asians and West Indians, Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum: London
>> A multi-media pack of source materials for teaching about the Black and Asian contribution to the British side in the First World War.
Shelf ref: ED.14.01/IMP

Race, Intelligence and Education, H.J. Eysenck
1971, Temple Smith: London
>> A highly controversial book dealing with the debate over genetics and IQ. It sparked a fierce response and much debate at the time of publication. Kept in our archive because of its content, it is nonetheless an important part of the history of changing attitudes to race within education.
Shelf ref: Archive 250/4/11

Information pack
Trade Union & Basic Education Project (WEA NW District) Resource, WEA
1984, Trade Union & Basic Education Project: UK
>> A resource and information pack for delegates to the Black Workers Conference held in Manchester on 3rd November 1984.
Shelf ref: Archive 205/3/9

How the West Indian Child is made Educationally Subnormal in the British School System, Bernard Coard
1971: New Beacon Books: London
>> Landmark text in the challenge to racism in the education system, concentrating on the plight of African-Caribbean children.
Shelf ref: Archive 250/4/11

Murder in the Playground: The Burnage Report, the report of the Macdonald inquiry into racism and racial violence in Manchester schools, Ian Macdonald
1986, Longsight Press: London
>> Inquiry into the murder of Ahmed Iqbal Ullah. We also hold a number of related publications and responses to the report, and the archive of the inquiry papers.
Shelf ref: MAN/ED.11/MAC