Cultural identity

Book (biography)
Brown Face, Big Master, Joyce Gladwell
1969, Inter-Varsity Press: UK
>> Biography exploring the subtleties of White, Black and ‘Brown’ identity - a source of prestige in Jamaica, but unrecognised in 1950s Britain.

Archive collection
Ann Adeyemi collection
1950 – 2000
>> A collection documenting the life of a Manchester woman of Irish and Liberian heritage. Ann’s mixed-race mother was born in Salford in 1920. Ann has donated family photographs and other ephemera, as well as an interview.
Archive: 250/2/11

West Indian Front Room, Michael McMillan
2003, Black Arts Alliance: Manchester
>> Visual homage to the hard work and determination that West Indians living in the UK put into building a good home for the family.
Shelf ref: MAN/CU.3.01/MCM

Sacred and the Profane, Desiree Ntolo
1994, New Ethnicities Unit: Dagenham
>> The story of Desiree Ntolo, a woman of mixed Jewish and African heritage living in the UK; her campaign to build a structure of observance for her Essene faith in her back garden, and how this sacred space was profaned by the interventions of the local Council and mass media.
Shelf ref: CU.5.00/NTO

Working-class White: The making and unmaking of race relations, Monica McDermott
2006, University of California Press
>> An intimate view of the lived experience of race in urban America from a unique vantage: the corner store. The author spent a year working as a convenience store clerk in White working class neighbourhoods in Atlanta and Boston in order to observe race relations between Blacks and Whites in a natural setting.
Shelf ref: CU.4.02/MCD

Hair Story: Untangling the roots of Black hair in America, Ayana D. Byrd
2001, St. Martins Griffin: New York
>> A history of the culture and politics behind the ever-changing state of Black hair - from 15th century Africa to present-day US. This is an entertaining look at the intersection of the personal, political and popular aspects of hair styles, tracing a unique aspect of Black American history.
Shelf ref: CU.4.01/BYR

Yellow: Race in America beyond Black and White, Frank H. Wu
2002, Basic Books: New York
>> A leading voice in America's Asian community tackles what it means to be Asian American in contemporary America.
Shelf ref: CU.3.03/WU