Crime, justice and unrest

Hytner Myths: A preliminary critique of the Hytner report by the Moss Side Defence Committee
c. 1981, Moss Side Defence Committee: Manchester
>> Copies of an undated typewritten report reacting to the government commissioned Hytner Report into the Moss Side Riots of 1981. Emphasises the report’s ‘thin veneer of liberalism, humanity and scholarship’ and the way it frames Moss Side as a place in which rioting was an expected inevitability.
Shelf ref: MAN/PO.2/HYT

Archive collection (newspapers)
Moss Side 1981 Riots Newspaper Cuttings
>> Collection of newspaper and magazine articles about the 1981 Moss Side riots. We also have a small archive collection of first-hand accounts from members of the Moss Side community.
Shelf ref: Archive 250/4/5

Archive collection
Macdonald Inquiry Papers
>> The original papers and files relating to the inquiry into the murder of Ahmed Iqbal Ullah in the playground of a Manchester high school in 1986.
Shelf ref: Archive (please note access to this archive is restricted)

Black Youths, Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, Janice Joseph
1996, Praeger: US
>> US-centric study which looks at the over-representation of Black youths in the juvenile justice system.
Shelf ref: CR.2.03/JOS

How and Why has Moss Side been Criminalised? Emma Beharie
[n.d.] Manchester University
>> BSc. Sociology dissertation looking at labelling theory and the Moss Side area of Manchester.
Shelf ref: MAN/CR.2.01/BEH

Report of the Zahid Mubarek Inquiry, Keith Brian
2006, Stationary Office: London
>> Following the death in custody of Zahid Mubarek, an Asian teenager serving a short sentence at Feltham Young Offender Institution, this report is the result of the public enquiry held after years of protracted legal proceedings.
Shelf ref: CR.3.01/KEI

Hidden from Public View? Racism against the UK’s Chinese population, Sue Adamson
2009, The Monitoring Group: London
>> Dedicated to the memory of Mr Mi Gao Huang Chen, murdered in 2005 in a racially motivated attack. The report notes that even the mainstream media appeared unmoved by the murder, as if British Chinese people are only deemed newsworthy if they conform to stereotypes.
Shelf ref: CR.4.01/ADA

Police and the Notting Hill Community, North Kensington Law Centre
1982, North Kensington Law Centre: London
>> Reports the experiences and opinions of those working in advice centres and community groups around Notting Hill, and a study of cases involving Black defendants. Concludes that there was a crisis of confidence in the police.
Shelf ref: CR.3.01/NOR

Deportations and Removals, Paul Gordon
1984, Runnymede Trust: London
>> Uses case studies to show how deportation worked in practice at the time and how it fitted into the immigration control system, covering illegal entrants, marriage cases, returning residents, refugees and cases for compassion.
Shelf ref: IM.2.04/GOR