Asylum and refugees

Archive collection
The Viraj Mendis Campaign
, part of the Steve Cohen Anti-deportation Collection
1980-1990, Manchester
>> Sri Lankan national Viraj Mendis sought refuge in Manchester during the 1980s. As an active supporter of the Tamils he claimed that he would face death if he returned home.
Shelf ref: Archive 250/1/7

iNexile: the Refugee Council Magazine, Refugee Council
March 2000 – September 2004 (incomplete), Refugee Council: London
>> Now discontinued bi-monthly magazine of the Refugee Council. Was only available to subscribers at the time and is no longer in print or available online.
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Oral history
The Distance We Have Travelled: Oral history interviews with people from Manchester's refugee communities,Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust
2004, Manchester
>> 26 transcripts of anonymised interviews, in which Kurdish, Afghan and Somali refugees talk about their lives before, during and after seeking asylum in the UK and Manchester. There is an accompanying teacher pack. This material is not available anywhere else.
Shelf ref: MAN/IM.4/AHM

No-one is Illegal: Asylum and immigration control past and present, Steve Cohen
2003, Trentham Books: UK
>> Lawyer and activist Steve Cohen believed that there could be no such thing as ‘fair’ immigration controls and shows how restrictions, starting with the restrictions on Jewish immigrants at the start of the twentieth century, are historically a product of racism. We have a number of other books, articles and pamphlets in the library.
Shelf ref: IM.2/COH

Tolley's Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law
1992 – 2003 (incomplete)
>> The official quarterly journal of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association. Contains high quality original articles as well as expert commentaries, practice notes and news and views from around the world.
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Immigration prisoners: A forgotten minority, Stephanie d’Orey
1984, Runnymede Trust: London
>> Written at a time when the issue of immigrant detention was overlooked and/or kept quiet, this Runnymede publication aimed to expose the reality of detention in both ports and prisons in the UK.
Shelf ref: IM.2.04/DOR

Refugee Children: Towards the next horizon, Charles Watters
2008, Routledge: Abingdon
>> This book is the first to offer an analysis of the care given and measures taken by national governments to respond to the needs of refugee children.
Shelf ref: IM.2.02/WAT

Why Sanctuary? British Council of Churches
1989, British Council of Churches: London
>> Published by the Community and Race Relations unit of the British Council of Churches, this report examines the issues around asylum seekers claiming sanctuary in churches to avoid deportation. Includes case studies from across the UK.
Shelf ref: IM.2/BRI