South Africa: Black blood on British hands, Charles Longford
1985, Junius: London
>> A publication from The Revolutionary Communist Party, with a Non-Stop Picket and Torchlight Protest flyer inserted in the front that asks people to call for the release of Nelson Mandela.
Shelf ref: HI.4.04/LON

Photographic publication
Women under Apartheid, International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
1981, London
>> A portable exhibition pack, produced in the UK, in co-operation with the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid. Striking images and explanatory text were designed to raise awareness of inequalities in South Africa, in particular the harsh realities of life for Black women.
Shelf ref: HI.4.04/IDA

Robben Island and Prisoner Resistance to Apartheid, Fran Lisa Buntman
2003, Cambridge University Press
>> Reconstructs the resistance strategies of Robben Island prisoners, showing how social and political structures were created behind bars, both for survival and to continue opposing apartheid.
Shelf ref: HI.4.04/BUN

Children and Apartheid, Bishop Ambrose Reeves Trust
1990, South Africa
>> Outlines the history of South Africa, apartheid, repression and aggression and its impact on children, their health and education.
Shelf ref: HI.4.04/BIS

South Africa: Apartheid Captialism, Ian Cook and Dawn Gill (eds)
Contemporary Issues in Geography and Education, Vol. 2 (1), Spring 1985
>> Apartheid-focused issue of a journal aimed at geography teachers and educators at all levels. As such it provides varied, interesting and tangential insights into the subject.
Shelf ref: ED.6.01/COO

Book (biography)
Kaffir Boy: The true story of a Black youth’s coming of age in apartheid South Africa, Mark Mathabane
1998, Free Press: New York
>> A relentlessly honest memoir of the brutality and degradation suffered by Black people under the apartheid regime. The wide-ranging themes include gender equality and the value of education.
Shelf ref: HI.4.04/MAT

Book (photography)
Mzabalazo: A pictorial history of the African National Congress
1994, Mayibuye Books: South Africa
>> A pictorial history of the African National Congress from its foundation in 1912 up until 1994.
Shelf ref: HI.4.04/ANC