Manchester Jewish Museum
Manchester Jewish Museum is the only Jewish Museum outside London and is housed in the oldest surviving synagogue building in Manchester.

Migration Museum
The Migration Museum Project plans to create the UK’s first dedicated Migration Museum and to tell the story of movement into and out of the UK in a fresh and engaging way.

Black Cultural Archives
the UK's first national Black heritage centre, based in Brixton.

International Slavery Museum
The International Slavery Museum in Liverpool is the only museum of its kind to look at aspects of historical and contemporary slavery as well as being an international hub for resources on human rights issues.

Ethnicity and Migration Collections at Warwick University
A large collection of books, pamphlets and journals on ethnicity and migration, which spans the 1960s to early 2000s. It includes the Sivanandan collection from the Institute of Race Relations and the CRER collection from the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations.

Modern Record Centre at Warwick University
The Modern Records Centre preserves primary sources for modern British social, political and economic history, with special concentration on the national history of industrial relations, industrial politics and labour history.

George Padmore Institute
The George Padmore Institute in London is an archive, educational resource and research centre housing materials relating to the black community of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe.

19 Princelet Street
The first museum of immigration and diversity in Europe, 19 Princelet Street attracts visitors from around the globe to discover stories of the centuries of newcomers who have shaped Spitalfields, London and Britain.

Runnymede Collection
A specialist collection of reference material consists of books, serials, pamphlets, bulletins, official documents, working papers, journals and newspaper cuttings, all dating back to the establishment of the Runnymede Trust in the 1960s.

Forward to Freedom: Anti-Apartheid Movement Archive
Forward to Freedom tells the story of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement and its campaigns to support the people of South Africa in their fight against apartheid.

The Stuart Hall Library at the Institute of International Visual Art
The Stuart Hall Library focuses on contemporary art from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the work of British artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Anglo-Jewish Archives at University of Southampton
more than 850 collections of manuscripts of Anglo-Jewish archives.

Working Class Movement Library
Based in Salford, the Working Class Movement Library is a treasure trove with records of over 200 years of organising and campaigning by ordinary men and women.

People’s History Museum
The People’s History Museum in Manchester is the national museum of democracy. It aims to engage, inspire and inform diverse audiences by showing ‘There have always been ideas worth fighting for’.

North West Film Archive
The North West Film Archive is the professionally recognised public home for the moving image heritage of the North West of England.

Huntley Archives at London Metropolitan Archives
The Huntley archives were the first major deposit of records from the African-Caribbean community in London. It documents the personal, campaigning and education initiatives of Eric and Jessica Huntley, dating from 1952-2011.

Refugee Archives at University of East London
The Refugee Council Archive at the University of East London represents one of the largest collections of materials relating to the study of forced migration and the refugee.


Manchester BME Network

Wai Yin Society

Manchester Refugee Support Network

Academic and policy research

Institute of Race Relations

Runnymede Trust

Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity

The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford

Institute of Commonwealth Studies

Institute for Black Atlantic Research at UCLan

Migrant Rights Network

White Rose Critical Race and Ethnicities Network


Greater Manchester Law Centre

Manchester Council for Community Relations

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit

Manchester Citizens Advice Service

Refugee Action Manchester

Equality and Human Rights Commission