Access the collection


We staff our enquiry desk:
Monday – Friday
9.30am – 4.30pm

Outside of these hours you can still access our library and borrow books whenever Manchester Central Library is open, but please note that our local studies material, oral histories and other hard-to-replace items will not be available.


All of our resources can be searched for using the Manchester Library catalogue Advanced Search.

Select 'Race Relations Resource Centre: Central Library' (to search the library) or Race Relations Resource Centre: Archive' (to search the archive) in the Location field.


You will need to be a member of Manchester Libraries to borrow resources from our library.

This is free of charge to anyone who lives in the UK. Find out more from the Manchester Libraries website.

You can borrow loanable items from our library through the Manchester Libraries system, using the self-service machines or issue desks throughout Central Library.


We have individual study spaces and free wifi in our library area for readers to study material from the library.

Please ask a member of our staff if you’d like to see our local studies material or oral history transcripts. These are kept in locked bookcases for security reasons and can only be used at the desks in our library area, when our library is staffed (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm).

Access archives

Our archive collection catalogues can be found here.

Members of staff will be happy to tell you more about what is in the specific collections and advise on what material might be of interest to you, so please get in touch to discuss your research.

We need one working day's notice to retrieve items from the archive. You will need to study archive material in the Central Library Search Room, more details can be found here.

You can make copies of archive material, using a camera or photocopier, for personal research purposes for a cost of £6 per half day. Let us know if you would like to do this.

Please contact us to make an enquiry or request.